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Image by Pawel Czerwinski




Ever hear the old Indian proverb about the six blind men and the elephant? It's standard reading for any philosophy class and a treatise on moral relativism. But when people ask me what I do musically, I tell them, “I'm the elephant!”


Am I the guy who plays the upside down 7 and 14 string signature model bass guitars and who spent 20 years making records with the prog metal band Alchemy X? Yep that's me!


But wait, aren't I the guy who now sings and plays Timothy B Schmitt and Randy Meisner in the Eagles Tribute Band Winslow? That's me too!


But, hang on  a second, aren't I also the guy who co-founded the Christmas/Classical band The Wizards of Winter and spent 10 years writing, recording and playing live shows with them?


All of the above! So you get the idea- Being eclectic and well rounded is always a good thing, whether we're talking about music, world views or culinary palate!


I've spent 35+ years writing, recording and of course, performing live, in projects that are fairly diverse, and because of that, there are entire segments of people who know me only in one of those modalities, like the guy who only gets to feel the elephants tusk and thinks “An elephant is sharp and smooth like ivory.” But there's also the tail, and the ears and...


I wanted to create a space where we could fuse all these disparate elements that make up the entire gestalt of my career in music, and maybe get a fuller picture of a work that's still very much in progress.


To that end, I hope you'll explore these pages and the pictures, music files and live clips that you'll find!


And remember, it's great to take the music seriously, but never yourself! - SR

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